Kate Montgomery, Writer / Director / Producer

A contemporary comedy of mistaken identity and would be romance that takes place at a ski resort owned and operated by a Native American tribe, the film premiered at Sundance Film Festival, and won Best Competition Feature Film at the Austin Film Festival and Best Native American-Themed Film at the Santa Fe Film Festival. It was endorsed by Oprah Winfrey and Roger Ebert and favorably reviewed by many other top critics when it released theatrically in 2005. It is available on DVD and streaming via Amazon and The Criterion Collection.

Sundance Channel Review

Christmas In The Clouds


Technical Specifications

Runtime: 1 hr 36 min (96 min) 

Sound Mix:  Stereo 

Color:  Color 

Aspect Ratio:  2.35 : 1 

Negative Format:  35 mm 

Cinematographic Process:  J-D-C Scope 

Printed Film Format:  35 mm 

"Must See Holiday Movie".    - O Magazine


Determined to win a prized condom account, an ambitious first-generation ad executive must juggle the eccentric demands of her traditional Chinese family, oddball co-workers and zany life coach. 

"I was immediately drawn to this story and wanted to help bring it to life," says Director Kate Montgomery. "I love the way Janene pokes fun at gender politics, the advertising world, life coaching and her quirky multi-generational Chinese American family—but always does so with heart and with characters who are not stereotypical."



Ghost Bros is a short-form, mockumentary-style comedy that follows Aaron and Erin, two inept ghost hunters who investigate the paranormal. 


The Bros exorcise the demons within the homes of everyday Americans, but in doing so, inadvertently "shine a headlamp" on the demons that dwell within themselves…



This proof of concept takes Aaron and Erin on one of the most important hunts of their investigative careers. Thrashmore Manor, one of America’s most haunted estates, is said to be inhabited by the spirit of a young woman. Our hosts arrive on-site to make contact with the nubile young spirit, but as the investigation unfolds, these two alpha males are faced with a far more terrifying task; to investigate their own demons and finally free themselves from the bondage of society.