Writing Salon

Screenwriting Instructor

Since 2014 Kate as been teaching a variety of evening classes and weekend workshops at the Writing Salon in Berkeley & San Francisco. Recent classes include: Introduction to Screenwriting; Intermediate Screenwriting; Writing for the Small Screen; Crafting Story Mapping, The Elusive Art of Comedy Writing; Marketing to the Film & Television Industry and Write a Screenplay in Nine Weeks.

The Writing Salon


"Kate Montgomery was not only warm and inviting, she was 100% prepared, providing stacks of carefully considered handouts while also maintaining a flexibility to follow the rhythm of our group. Her knowledge in the field was undeniable and her enthusiasm for discussing and dissecting students' ideas was balanced by honest notes and critiques. I hope to be signing up for another class of hers soon."


"Now, this may sound like a cliche, but Kate inspired me to make time in my life for what I really want to do: write stories. And that’s hard, I’m a cynical Eastern European, hard to impress and convince. But now I’m going to spend a couple of hours each week to write something down, and if she’ll invite me I’ll go to all her events and workshops, pitch my story ideas, and do my best to create amazing work. She is incredibly charismatic, and it feels great to be around her. But the whole inspiration part is what makes her a standout teacher."